Good news for the SNP and Scotland

Are there signs at last that the British establishment are recognising the SNP and Scotland as significant entities? Yes I think there are because:

  • Last night on the BBC News at Ten ( we had an update on the Smith Commission legislation with Nick Robinson saying “Scotland’s First Minister and the SNP look like they’re winning the political debate” – shockaroonie
  • The main British broadcasters, BBC and ITV, propose to stage a debate involving Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband, Mr Clegg, the Greens’ Natalie Bennett, Mr Farage of UKIP, the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon and Plaid’s Leanne Wood. ( – even bigger shockaroonie

Why could this be you may ask – well could it be because of the new STV’s Ipsos Mori showing the SNP with a 52% lead in voting intention in the #GE2105. ( This is the latest in a number of polls over the last three months that have shown the SNP to be well out in front with predictions that the vast bulk of the seats will fall to the SNP and Scottish Labour facing ‘annihilation’.

The British Establishment now appear to be coming round to the idea that Scotland could return a large group of SNP MPs giving Scotland a proper voice in Westminster rather the docile Scottish Labour contingent they’ve returned in the past.


Smith Commission Update – 19th Jan 2015

On Thursday we will see the UK Government’s proposals to implement the Smith Commission. This is the UK Government’s chance to live up to their word and deliver on the powers that were promised in the final days of the referendum and translate those proposals into real action.

We believe that those powers should go much further. We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the power it needs to raise the minimum wage, to protect the vulnerable from the social security cuts that we are seeing, and have real job creating powers to get our economy growing to provide greater opportunities for our young people.

Help get this message out through social media or by simply talking to friends, family and work colleagues. Hold Westminster political parties to their promises and send SNP MP’s to Westminster to stand up for Scotland.

Interview with Robert the Bruce – June 1315

This is Indyscot reporting from Scotland in June 1315. We managed to track down ‘Robert the Bruce’, one year after the famous ‘Battle of Bannockburn’ and this is what he had to say:

Hullo there, ma names Robert the Bruce, King owe Scots. Let me start by saying it’s gid owe this young laddie from Indyscot to gie me the chance to let youse know how the battle went, well there’s nae better place tae start than at the beginnin. So let’s go: A few years back a wis doon in London toon talkin to ma big pall Edward the Furst or as we awe ca’ him ‘Longshanks’, and this is roughly whit wis said:

Longshanks: You know Brucie I’ve been thinking, My country’s built up ginormous debts and we’re running a huge deficit every year and we could really use some extra cash. Plus we’ve got lots of big projects coming up we need to pay for, for example, we’re building a new high speed road link from London to Birmingham. At the moment it takes about three days to gallop up to Birmingham, but with the new high speed road link we’re looking at knocking twenty minutes of that.

Brucie: Oh!

Longshanks: Yes, here’s my proposition, I’ll annex your country, I’ll take all your revenue and resources and give you about half of it back. We’ll look after your defence, foreign affairs and welfare and you can pay for the rest.

Brucie: do you think I’m feckin stupid.

Longshanks: look Brucie if you don’t agree to this I’ll send my huge armies up to Scotland and give all you guys a good doing and then take everything off you anyway.

Brucie: listen Longshanks we’ve got wee lassies in our country that would kick your asses, they’re called ‘Wumin for Independence’.

Longshanks: well if that’s your attitude Brucie you can just bugger off and I’ll see you in Scotland with my armies.

Brucie: suit yursell Longshanks, ya big gawk.

That wis jist typical crap from the imperialistic ruling classes in Engurland, they see a country and think, I know I’ll take over there, then they suck in all the country’s wealth to big themsels up and improve their wealth and status and don’t gie a monkeys for the poverty they leave behind. They’ve just never heard owe the ‘Common Weal’. Aye they jist dinnae get it, in Scotland the people are sovereign not the monarch. The English royalty think the people are ‘subjects’ and even call them ‘commoners’, a mean who the hell wid pit up wi stuff like that.

Well auld Longshanks had jist bitten off mare than he could chew, the auld scunner.

There then followed years of warfare in Scotland. Edwards armies kept movin about lookin for a square go. They always had mare troops, archers, cavalry and weapons than us, but we played the smert game, we called it ‘guerrilla warfare’, we ambushed, raided, sabotaged, hit-and-run, we were far more mobile and they were jist too large and cluncky.

It wis awe goin well tae plan and the English were aboot to gie up, the only stronghold they had left wis Stirlin castle. My brother, Edward, was laying siege to the castle and then the numpty struck a deal wae the English garrison commander, that if the castle wisnae relieved by the summer owe 1314 he’d hand the castle over tae us. This was the ralling cry for the English to relieve the castle. Longshanks wis deed by this time and the new King of Engurland wis Edward II and by all accoonts he was a richt woose.

In the early summer Edward came north with a massive army and we had nae choice we hud tae meet them in open battle. The good news wis we had plenty owe time to plan it. We stationed wursels north owe the Bannock burn, just south owe the castle. The English would need to cross boggy ground to get tae us, which wid be a nichtmare fur their heavy Calvary.

When they arrived, we estimated they had aboot 2000 heavy calvary, 15000 infantry many of them archers. We had aboot 500 licht, mobile cavalry and aboot 8000 infanty with some archers. So the English army wis aboot twice as big as oors.

We were split into three schiltrons, these are strong defensive circles of men bristling wae pikes, so they can withstand the heavy cavalry charge. Our 500 light cavalry were ready to move quickly to disperse the English archers.

On the furst day owe the battle, early on before it sterted, I wis goin roon talking tae ma men, geein them a bit awe Scot’s wha hae an awe that, when one owe the Engish forward cavalry groups came across us. One owe the young nights Henry de Bohun  saw me and thought he’d huv a go. He charged me on his heavy steed and a wis on ma light pony, so when he wis near on me, I swung to the side and hit him square on the napper wae ma battle axe. Shame, but he did attack me and it’s the price ye pay for invading somebody else’s country.

This didnae hawf gee on the men who then attached the English and we pushed them back over the Bannock burn. They then attacked our flank but we repelled them and they withdew in confusion unable to break oor ranks. Day one over and we’d won the first hawf.

Duing the nicht the English crossed over the burn ready to do battle the next day. At dawn we emerged ready to attack again. The English attached us but it was a weak charge and we repelled them and attacked their rank. Our cavalry kept dispersing their archers who were rendered ineffective. The heavy English cavalry was hemmed in and couldn’t manoeuvre. As a result the English were unable to hod their formation and broke ranks, it soon became clear they had lost.

Edward was lucky to escape the battlefield, he ran back to Dunbar where a ship was waiting to take him back to London. Defeat turned into a rout and it is said that only aboot a third owe the English army returned to England. Thankfully oor losses were licht.

There’s nothing glorious aboot war, it’s just carnage and I feel sad fur awe the good Scots and English that died in these wars. The Scots were fightin to keep their country, their resources and their freedom. The English were fighting to make their wealthy King even wealthier. So the motivation was on oor side, even wan owe Edward’s attendants had said aboot the Scots ‘these men are here to win or die’.

Since the battle everything’s changed, we’re gettin nae mare hastle frae the English and that wis the whole objective, so job done.

The wee Indyscot guy tells me that he comes from the future, personally a think he’s had too much awe the fallin doon water, he says our independence lasted for centuries after this. A jist hope that the future generations o Scots that come efter us appreciate whit we did. We laid doon our lives to be independent. A hope youse awe respect that and do your bit in the future to keep Scotland independent no matter the cost.


Well that’s awe fi me

Yours for Scotland

Robert the Bruce, King owe Scots